Evacuation Routes: North (Little River - Georgetown) | Central (Edisto Island - McClellanville) | South (Bluffton - Beaufort)

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Southern Evacuation Routes

Hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 30. South Carolina’s coastline is vulnerable to hurricane activity. Whenever a hurricane threatens our coast, you may plan to leave voluntarily or you may be ordered to do so. Blue hurricane evacuation signs are posted along roads to guide you inland to safety. Although accidents or traffic conditions could cause detours, the designated routes are highlighted on this map.
  • Bluffton:  [MAP] Bluffton area evacuees will take SC 46 west to US 321. They will then take US 321 northbound to Estill. At Estill, they will take SC 3 to SC 125, which will take them to Augusta.
  • Hilton Head Island: [MAP] Hilton Head Island evacuees will use both the William Hilton Parkway (US 278 Business) and the Cross Island Parkway toll facility (US 278).   Evacuees will follow US 278 to I-95. Traffic in the right lane of US 278 will be routed onto I-95 north. Traffic in the left lane will continue along US 278.

    In order to facilitate the flow of traffic, lane reversals may be implemented along US 278. If this occurs, there will be numerous traffic control devices and law enforcement officers in place along the route to direct motorists accordingly.

  • Beaufort: [MAP] Beaufort area evacuees will use the northbound lanes on US 21.  Evacuees from the Beaufort area who plan to stay in American Red Cross shelters in Hampton County may take US 17 Alternate to SC 68 into Hampton County.  These lanes will be routed onto US 17 south to I-95 at Exit 33 (Point South). The left lane will take I-95 south and the right lane will take I-95 north.

South Carolina law enforcement officers and Army National Guard will be posted along these routes to assist you. Motorists who deviate from the primary evacuation routes may experience delays.

Do not forget to secure your property before you leave. Remember to take along important papers and medications. If you plan to stay in an American Red Cross shelter, remember that pets are not allowed. Now is the time to get ready.

If an evacuation order is issued and you are unsure as to what route to use, you may call the Public Information Phone System at 1-866-246-0133. Volunteers are available 24 hours a day during emergency situations to provide evacuation and shelter information. For up-to-date traffic information during an evacuation, tune in to your local public radio station: WJWJ, 89.9 FM.

Motorists should be on the lookout for electronic message boards along the evacuation routes and should follow any instructions displayed. These boards may direct motorists to tune in to a local AM radio station to hear route-specific traffic information and other special emergency-related messages.

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