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Family Emergency Plan
  • Decide where to go if at home, school, work, outdoors, or in a car when a flood, severe thunderstorm, or tornado warning is issued.
  • Update these plans every school year and as places of employment and residence change.

    Disaster Supply Kit

  • Be sure everyone in the family knows where your Family Disaster Supply Kit is located.
  • During extreme heat, be sure to include the following in your kit: extra water or juice, sun screen, and wide brimmed hats.

    Communication Plans

  • Designate a friend or relative outside your town or area as your family contact in the event you are separated from family members during a flood, tornado, or in case a storm knocks out your electricity.
  • In the case of a tropical storm or hurricane, designate someone outside the area affected by the tropical storm or hurricane as your family contact.
  • Agree upon a place where the family members can meet if separated.

    Evacuation Plans

  • Get a good map and plan various evacuation routes, avoiding low-lying areas. This is especially valuable in the event of flooding from rivers, streams, tropical storms, or flash floods.
  • Do several test runs of different routes.
  • In the event of a flash flood, remember that you will not be able to evacuate. Instead, immediately seek higher ground.
  • For times of extreme heat, identify locations where you can escape sweltering conditions for hours at a time: a mall, a movie theater, or the home of a friend or relative.

    Your Family Pet Plan

  • Make arrangements for pets.
  • Pets may not be allowed into emergency shelters for health and space reasons. Contact your local humane society for information on local animal shelters.

From "Are You Ready For A Hurricane?" developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the American Red Cross.

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